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I am working for the real estate company called Tokyo House Bureau Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1952 before I was born. Because I walked a lot in Tokyo as usual as a realtor, I would like to write down about what I found while walking around. I don't know how long I can continue, though (^^;. Your kind understanding of my strange broken English is appreciated!



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Sakurajosui residence apartment
We added the apartment called Sakurajosui residence, 2LDK apartment.  Go to our site!

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Long time no write
Long time no write!
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Ebisu Garden Place
 Today I went to Ebisu Garden Place because one of our tenants moved out from an apartment there and I had an apointment with him for walk-through.

This is the apartment called Ebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan.

Inside was like this.

The apartment was still beautiful.  It is same as before.  There was no damage.  He was a good tenant until the last stage.  I hope all of our tenants were like him.  Please........
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borrowed landscape
 Today I visited a house in Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku as the owner would like to rent the house while they are overseas by government assignment.  It is very nea from the sation.  Only one minutes.  You can see the house from the platform.

A good point of this house is that next propery is a campus of universty and there is lots of green.  This landscape is from the livingroom.

Then the follwoing one is from main bedroom on the third floor.

We call it borrowed landscape.  But you don't have to return it(^^;.  Please go to our site, if you would like to know mopre.
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 We are now renovating the apartment in Itabashi-honcho, 2DK one.  At first they removed old wallpaper from the wall. 

Then they putty up the surface to make it flat.

They spent two days to remove whole the wall-paper by three people.  I think removal of wallpaper is harder than putting up.  Next they will put up wallpaper.

If you are interested in this apartment, go to our site.  No key money is required.
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