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I am working for the real estate company called Tokyo House Bureau Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1952 before I was born. Because I walked a lot in Tokyo as usual as a realtor, I would like to write down about what I found while walking around. I don't know how long I can continue, though (^^;. Your kind understanding of my strange broken English is appreciated!

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Bara Chirashi

Today I went a Sushi restaurant in front of Shinbashi station for lunch. Am I rich? No! They serve a wonderful sushi at a reasobale price at lunch time.

They have six sushi bowls. Do you know sushi bowl? If no, please just see the picture. I ate BARA sushi. BARA means small pieces and also broadcasting or something. (I am sorry, I don't know this is right or not.) Thye have 6 kinds of bowls at lunch time. But it looks BARA sushi is most favorite one and will be out of service soon.

In fact this is only 530 yen. I found out the truth from the internet, but it looks they haven't changed the price for 25 years. It is amazing!

Anyway if you have a chance to come to Shinbashi area at lunch time, why don't you try!
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Im a student of gastronomy in Brazil. This year I will finish my course. Im sorry, my English is SO POOR....
my last and most important work in this last year of the university is about the culinary/gastronomy of Japan. onegai shimasu taskette

can you send me pictures and traditional recipes of the japanese cousine?? onegai shimasu please
my e-mail is
thank you very much
honto ni arigato gozaimasu

| adriano | 2010/10/19 7:27 AM |
something about
my work will be about this traditional foods

| adriano | 2010/10/19 7:30 AM |

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