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I am working for the real estate company called Tokyo House Bureau Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1952 before I was born. Because I walked a lot in Tokyo as usual as a realtor, I would like to write down about what I found while walking around. I don't know how long I can continue, though (^^;. Your kind understanding of my strange broken English is appreciated!



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Free coffee shop
Yesterday I went to a coffee shop at Toranomon near our office.  It is on the first floor like this.  The location is here.

Inside is like this.

Very crouded, because a drink and Japanese rice cracker are all free.  I picked up a cup of coffee and some crackers.  You can choose one drink from coffee, tea and orange juice and also one dish from six  kinds of crackers.

If you happen to come near Toranomon, why don't you visit there to take a rest.

Of course this is for Cracker company's advertisement to get their name recognition and they are selling crackers in the shop.  But you don't have to buy anything.  Just enjoy!(^^;
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I wrote before our kids are mogule skiers.  Today I woudl like to show one of their trciks that youngest son did in one of the competitions this year.  This trick is called D-spin.  I don't know why it is called D-spin, though. The pictures were taken by a professional camera-man in March this year. 

He did a good job, right? At that time he was a 1st grade student of junior highr school.

By the way we received a new listing in Akasaka.  It is a beatiful apartment. Please go to our site if you are interested. 
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flowers in Grandeco Resort
It is a little old stroy. During the Golden Week I went to Grandeco resort in Fukushima with my family. Of course our kids practiced skiing together with other mogul skiers, but I didn't.  I had nothing to do.  I had a plenty of time. So I walked around the resort and took some photos of flowers blooming there. Please enjoy them.

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100 yen bar
Of course you know 100 yen shop, right? But You know 100 yen bar? I went there the other day. It is just one minute from Akihabara station. It is a standing bar. inside is as follows.

Very fantastic! Not dirty, right? I picked up three dishes with one drink and paid just 400 yen.

Then I ordered another drink with two dishes and paid 300 yen.

Lastly I ordered last drink for the road with eel's lever stick and paid 200 yen.

900 yen made me very happy that night.
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Countryside landscape
Do you know what are three essential items for the landscape in Japan's countryside? I have heard from someone those three items are so.

rice field

bamboo forest

last one is a persimmon

All of pictures are taken around my house in Ibaraki. It seems that I live in prefect countryside.

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